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TurboDave's 2000 Neon SRT swap

Start of the SRT-4 motor swap
Motor in
Motor in the second time

We Started With a 2000 Neon that we bought with 21000 Miles in Jan 06

The only thing done to the car was we remove the grill

Here is a list that we had done the first year Lower it 2" 17X7 rims 205 X 40ZR X 17 tires SRT Disc Brakes on all 4 wheels Power windows CAI Header with R/T muffler 50%window tint

drop 2" rims and tires just added

tint R/T muffler and SRT brakes add


Here is a shot of the 02 bumper and grill and a few of the turbo motor

Just seeing what had to be done to change covers


Oh well live and learn what you see here is junk after we got it in and dodge reprogram tha pcm.Well it leak oil the block was crack behind the ac bracket Oh well but we luck out we traded the stock motor for a SRT short block so we strip all we could off this one and put
it on the short block